Curved metal staircases can have an open modern look when fabricated with a Double Stringer System. These metal staircases are available with nearly any type of tread & handrail style. The 2 metal stringers are the support structure under the treads. This creates a very strong and precisely fabricated system. Since the staircase is fabricated this way it is also easier to ship & install than other stairs. These stairs have heavy-duty beams (stringers) that make the stair capable of handling 300 lbs per tread, and can go up nearly any height.

The Curved Double Stringer staircase can be made from:

  • 2 ” x 6″ steel rectangular tubes
  • 10″ x 2″ fabricated I beams
  • 12″ x 2″ fabricated I beams
  • 6″ steel channels
  • 4″ steel channels
  • 3″ round steel tubes
  • 4″ round steel tubes
  • & more

We can make the Curved Double Stringer work for interior or exterior applications. We can accommodate all kinds of stair layouts from very slight curves and wide radius, to 180 degree turns with small inner diameters.