A typical floating stair with a twin stringer featured in the picture on the left, on the right is a saw-tooth steel stringer.

You guessed it -Double Stringer stairs use 2 support members for their structure. The Double Stringer is a floating staircase design that features the two stringers under the steps and in from the edges of the stair for a floating look. In general, these stairs are less expensive than single stringer stairs. We can use lighter material which also leads to easier shipment and installation for the average handy homeowner.

Double Stringers can also be used on stairs that are wider than 48″. As an example, a stair that is 60″ wide might have (2) 2″x6″ steel tube stringers set apart 32″ inches, leaving 6″ of overhang for the treads on each of the outer edges.

The modern, contemporary look is the hallmark of the Double Stringer. It is a versatile stair that can have nearly any tread and handrail style.

Double Stringers can be used in residential or commercial applications. They can be used in interior or exterior projects.

We can use any of the following materials for our floating design twin stringers:

    • 2″ x 6″ Steel Tubes
    • 6″ Steel Channels
    • 4″ Steel Tubes
    • 4″ Steel Channels
    • I-Beams
    • We can also make these stringers out of Aluminum or Stainless Steel!

The carriers for the treads are usually angle irons, flanged in toward the middle of the stair for a cleaner look from a side view of the stair.