Adding a Home Staircase? Consider these Four Factors

When designing a home, we often forget how important a staircase can be. It not only brings people throughout the house’s different areas, but its placement can decide what a room looks and feels like to visitors and those who live there.

That is why there are four major factors to consider before adding a home staircase.

Make sure you have the space.

Different home styles, and the space they consist of, demand different staircases. For example, a custom spiral staircase takes up less space downstairs, but you’ll need to install a square opening in the ceiling, where the staircase is coming from. If space isn’t a concern, a larger, more grand staircase may be installed, and that can really shine as the centerpiece of that specific room’s decor.

Be safe.

Choosing a staircase that fits your home’s design should also take into account the occupants of the home, and who will be using said staircases. For a staircase to work well, it has to be enjoyed by everyone in the home. So for homeowners with children, a spiral staircase or a solid wood staircase might not be the best option; instead, they may consider carpeting on their staircase, with wider landings and a curved fixture.

Keep it in style.

Every house has a certain feel to it; an aesthetic theme that gives the home personality, and is reproduced in different ways throughout. A staircase is integral to this theme, and should follow the same style of the house itself. Not every house should have a spiral staircase, and a ship ladder staircase doesn’t necessarily go well in every room. Rather, it’s up to the homeowner to decide what that decor is, and with the help of trusted professionals, find a style of staircase that works well with their home’s architecture and home atmosphere.

Budget it.

Of course, the affordability of any staircase is a major factor to consider, as some models may be more costly to create than others. At Acadia Staircases, we work with every client to design a custom staircase that not only fits their space, safety concerns, and home’s style, but also, their wallet. And for a decision as important as this, all factors must be considered.

We’re excited to find your dream staircase today! Please contact us at 845.765.8600 so we can get started on the process, or send us a message here. We are glad to help.