Advantages of Straight Staircases

In a society where design preferences are constantly changing and “out of the box” concepts are often in, there is still one component to a home that will always remain a timeless tradition: the straight staircase.Advantages of Straight Staircases

Many staircases of modern design are often both spiral and curved, giving a home a staircase that is unexpected. However, the classic straight staircase fills a home with a classic look that no other staircase style can achieve.

What staircase design you choose for your home will be largely based upon your preferences and the space in your home. Although straight staircases are often considered traditional, there are plenty of advantages to them.


Compared to other staircase designs, straight staircases offer affordability where pricing is concerned because of how easy they typically are to put up. The construction process is not as difficult and the labor time is cut down. They do not require intermediate support structuring.

Simple and Elegant

There is a beautiful simplicity to a straight staircase in your home. If your straight staircase is built with gorgeous materials, it can serve as both a classic and an elegant feature of a home. Although a spiral staircase can provide a unique “twist” when placed in your home, a straight staircase will fit blend seamlessly into a home.

Unobstructed Views

Straight staircases provide you with an unobstructed view when you are using them. They are easy to get up and down. In a commercial or office setting, they are easier to get a mass amount of people up and down without collisions. You have a clear view of a straight staircase. If you choose to use thinner threads or open rises, they can become even more transparent.

Safety and Flexibility

It is much easier to make safety modifications, such as installing a stair lift, if you have a straight staircase. Railings can be easily measured and adjusted if needed and they are typically easier for children or senior citizens, to maneuver. You know what to expect as you step up or down.

When selecting a straight staircase design, it can simply both planning and construction. However, although simple, straight staircases are still classic and sophisticated.

If you are considering putting a straight staircase or any staircase in your home, Acadia Stairs has years of experience building unique and quality staircases.