5 Ways to Make Your Stairs Safer for Your Dog

We’ve talked about how to make staircases safer for humans, but what about our dogs? Our four-legged friends need to get up and down our staircases too, but this can often prove difficult for them. Sometimes they can have difficulty gripping the treads, causing them to fall down. Other times age has caught up with… Read more »

Things to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Spiral Staircase

An outdoor spiral staircase can transform the way you use both your home and your backyard space. It can make certain areas of your home more accessible, and it can also provide more space for entertaining. While the advantages of an outdoor spiral staircase are endless, there are decisions that need to be made before… Read more »

The World’s Most Famous Staircases

Staircases aren’t just something that can get you from point A to point B; they’re also works of art that can last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Some staircases are so well-known that they’ve become popular tourist destinations, with people from around the world coming to see them each year. Here we go… Read more »

A Brief History of Spiral Stairs

When you picture a spiral staircase, you likely picture it inside of a lighthouse, an old castle, or the Statue of Liberty. Although spiral staircases are still a “trending” staircase of our time, the staircase has actually been around for centuries. The spiral staircase has a rich history that is worth talking about. Ancient Spiral… Read more »

How to Protect Your Stairs During Renovation

From a simple paint job to a full remodel, home renovations are messy businesses. That’s why you want to protect all the areas of your home that are either not being remodeled, or already have been. This includes your stairs, especially if you’re working nearby. So here are a few ways you can protect your… Read more »

The Best Treads for Outdoor Staircases

With summer upon us, you’re probably thinking about installing an outdoor staircase. Granted, installing an outdoor staircase is more about function than anything else, but you have to make sure it looks good, too. Once you’ve figured out the shape that you’re looking for, you might be wondering: what would be the best materials to use… Read more »

5 Ways to Make Your Staircase Safer

Most of us have taken a small tumble down the stairs at least once in our lives. Usually this is just a case of our own clumsiness, but other times it’s because we haven’t taken the necessary precautions to make our staircases safer. As well-built as a staircase may be, it’s always best to follow… Read more »

Three Major Signs You Should Replace Your Staircase

Staircases will see a lot of traffic, which means they’re subject to lots of wear and tear. A few dings and scratches are normal for such a high-traffic area, but there comes a time when you should really consider replacing your staircase. Here are some of the signs that your staircase needs to be replaced:… Read more »

The Best Staircases for Small Spaces

When considering a staircase for your home, you have many options to choose from, but not all homes are created equal. If you have a smaller home, then you might have to consider a special staircase that will fit in a tighter spot. Thankfully, there are several types of staircases you can install into your… Read more »

Closed vs. Open Riser Stairs—Which is Best?

When designing a custom staircase, one of the styles you may come across are closed and open riser stairs. While closed risers are the more traditional choice, open riser stairs are quickly becoming the popular style of the modern age, and for good reason. What Are Closed Riser Stairs? Also known as closed tread stairs… Read more »