Getting A Rustic Look With Pan Stairs In Your Log Home

Log homes are a stunning masterpiece of truly unique architecture. Built with just as much stability as a traditional home, a log home boasts grand and sophisticated features. Obviously the log structure is the main focal point of the exterior of a log home. With the inside however, often times it is the staircase adjoining… Read more »

Connect Your Home With A Ship Ladder

When it comes to the stairs in our home, they serve a very simple purpose: they get us from one floor to the next. However, specific areas in our home could benefit from having another set of stairs put in. Places such as a loft, crawl space or even the bunk beds of your little… Read more »

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

There aren’t many more enjoyable ways to enjoy dinner or a drink with friends than on an outdoor patio. They are so popular that now many restaurants and bars now have them as a standard dining option and those businesses that don’t have them are installing them as an upgraded addition. However, the most overlooked… Read more »

Choosing The Double Stringer Staircase For Your Company’s Basement Stairs

For companies that operate on more than one floor, there will be a heightened need for relying heavily on strong stairs connecting the various floors. For company basements, where many of the work performance takes place, there needs to be a strong foundation in a staircase as well as a staircase that is aesthetically pleasing…. Read more »

Connect Your Home with a Spiral Staircase

When it comes to our homes, many of us have outdoor decks in our backyard or patios on the second floor. Some of us however are lucky enough to have both features. Upgrades are made to both but one way to really accentuate them would be to connect them using a spiral staircase.   It… Read more »

Have the Stairway to Success!

When you have potential customers come in, the first thing they normally see is the outside of you business. From the name on the building to the structure of it all, the first impression goes a long way for bringing in new customers for you company. However, after they park one more important thing should… Read more »

Creating Your Staircase

Whether you’re building them for the first time or repairing an old set, new stairs can be very challenging and require a lot of decisions. The whole process can be very overwhelming, but the most important thing to keep in mind though is to build them to how you want them. After all, they will… Read more »

Step Up to these Stair Workouts

With how crazy our everyday lives can be, it’s hard to put time aside to hit the gym and exercise. Well what many don’t know is that there is a great piece of workout equipment right in our own home and you’ve been walking on it for years. What we’re talking about is your stairs…. Read more »

Six Important Tips About Staircase Maintenance

Living areas and staircases will see the most traffic in a house, which means they’re subject to a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. Maintaining and inspecting your staircase is important, especially for those with large families, kids, and older homes. Beyond aesthetics and space, you’ll need to consider the safety of… Read more »

Improve The Value Of Your Property With A New Staircase

  Increasing the value of your home isn’t as arduous of a task as many articles and television shows make it out to be. It does take a bit of effort and research to figure out which investments would be ideal for increasing your home’s market value. However, you don’t have to make a million… Read more »