Stair Art: 6 of the Most Stunning Staircases Around the World

Stair Art: 6 Of the Most Stunning Staircases Around the World

Staircases are engineered for mobility; this much is true. But what artistic merit do they hold? The designs of our staircases are extensions of our home and personal style, but when used as canvases, these structures transform into beautiful works that become extensions of our culture. From a depiction of Salvador Dali to a mosaic… Read more »

Staircase with Sound Concept Comes to Life

Spiral Staircase Concept Going Down

Interior and exterior spiral staircases add architectural interest and aesthetic appeal to a space. A whimsical and space-saving design, spiral staircases offer new access to tough-to-reach spots in the home, easily adaptable to any size and type of space. Often performing arts halls include grand spiral staircases that awe performance-goers and add a touch of… Read more »

Glass Spiral Staircase Wows at Apple Shibuya

Tokyo Skyline at Dusk

At Acadia Stairs, we’re always looking for the “next big thing” when it comes to staircase design. Our blog showcases staircase designs from all over the world, from Europe to Southeast Asia. We enjoy highlighting what a stair can be from simple designs to intricate creations. Today, Acadia Stairs is highlighting one of the latest… Read more »

Famous Malaysian Staircase Gets Colorful Update

Rainbow Colored Staircase

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some staircases in the world that we’re truly in awe of. Famous staircases inspire us every day and stand as a shining example of the design potential that stairs hold in our communities and homes. That is why we’re constantly on the lookout for another great staircase to highlight…. Read more »

Derail Your Typical Thoughts About Staircases

Acadia Stairs Modern Staircases

Yes, that headline was pun-intended. A crucial part of a stunning staircase is a staircase railing. What would a staircase be without them? Across the world, there are incredibly unique staircase railing designs out there that redefine what a staircase railing can be. Here’s a few of our favorite staircase railings! Glass Finish Staircase Railing… Read more »

Trending Tiny Staircases Make a Big Statement

Wood Supplies on Table for Project

Since the start of the Middle Ages, young tradespeople in France called “compagnons” have spent years mastering their crafts in a secretive and mysterious fashion. Those interested in working with materials like stone, metal, leather, textiles, and often traveled to learn skills from masters in their field. And at the end of the process, they… Read more »

Surround Your Staircase with Good Reads

Books Displayed on Shelf

Here’s the conundrum that a lot of book lovers face: you have plenty of books, but nowhere to put them. And you have a small space, and not that much room. So what can you do? Well, one of the most overlooked places to maximize space in your dwelling is, in fact, your staircase: it… Read more »

Timber Staircase in London Rises to Fame

Morning Sunrise in London

At Acadia Stairs, we firmly believe that a stair’s design can be enchanting; think of the grand staircases from the Victorian Era, or the staircase leading up to a national monument such as the Lincoln Memorial. These staircases present a vision of grandeur and sophistication that captures our imagination and inspires us. Acadia Stairs is… Read more »

Current Trending Staircases Worldwide

Famous Staircases

Although Acadia Stairs creates customized staircases that complement and refine the aesthetic of your space, we can’t deny that there are some other pretty incredible staircase concepts out there. We looked into trending staircase concepts that have gained lot of attention in recent months and every staircase is unique to itself. Hanging Staircase in Alabama… Read more »

The Evolution of the Staircase

Staircase History

Most of us probably haven’t spent too much time on our staircase, wondering who invented the staircase and how it became a practical form of transportation from one level to another. Staircases actually have a rich history, and although Acadia Stairs develops custom metal staircases to complement your exterior and interior space, staircases have been… Read more »