Metal vs. Wood Finish: Which Is Best for Your Stairs?

When you’re building your custom stairs from Acadia Stairs, one question you will have to answer is this: what type of finish is best for your stairs? Typically, there are two kinds–metal and wood–and the one you choose will depend on your needs and your home’s overall aesthetic. Here, we help you decide whether a metal or a wood finish is best for your custom stairs: 

Metal Finish

For metal finish stairs, leaving the stairs unpainted is an available option, so you apply the finish yourself. The metal stairs can also be primed with a flat black or red-oxide primer. Some clients ask for the stairs to be prepped and primed, then having the painting finished in the field.

Those are the quick options. So let’s look at a metal finish more in-depth.

Acadia offers a wide variety of powder coat finishes, for both aluminum and stainless steel staircases. Aluminum stairs can be primed, powder coated, or sandblasted. Stainless steel stairs can have a #4 brush finish, mill finish, or glass bead blasted look.

Commercial stairs usually have their handrails painted with a safety yellow application to establish a contrasting color, in order to distinguish them from other objects in the area.

For those who are having the stairs for a more personal use, we can have your metal staircase finished with nearly any of your favorite powder coat color or finish.

With the quality metal stairs you are receiving from Acadia, choose the finish that inspires you the most. If you are feeling really frisky and artistic, you can even have the granite powder coat finish which is available as a spiral stair tread, applied by Custom Clad Inc.

Wood Finish

At Acadia, for wooden staircases we “select and better” long grain wood so that it is free of knots and blemishes, but all wood products can have a color change due to weather and exposure to the sun, according to the species of wood. While it is a natural product, there will be variability from piece to piece. Our wood can come finished sanded or the client may choose to have the treads sanded with a fine grit paper, before using their preferred treatment.

Normally the client is provided our wood products natural, so they can be treated out in the field. Before installation, all wood we provide should be stained or sealed upon receipt as soon as possible.

Oils, epoxy, stains, and polyurethane finishes are just the possible finishes as there is a huge array of choices to finish the wood all available today.

When choosing Acadia Stairs to put a finish on your wood, with a basic treatment of semi-gloss clear coat polyurethane. This is to make sure that there is a solid seal on the wood, and it will resist wear and damage. It’s an extra cost to the client but it can go a long way in preserving your staircase or tread.

We also have special offers on rough-cut wood, when available so you can use them in special instances where the blemishes or knots will be on the underside of the treads. Being environmentally friendly manufacturer, Acadia can provide these treads and over-stocked pieces for a discount over the more polished pieces.

Remember, if there’s any finish you find on our site, please ask about it. Acadia Stairs is here for all your staircase needs, consult our professionals at 845-765-8600 and see how to finish your staircase properly today!