Closed vs. Open Riser Stairs—Which is Best?

When designing a custom staircase, one of the styles you may come across are closed and open riser stairs. While closed risers are the more traditional choice, open riser stairs are quickly becoming the popular style of the modern age, and for good reason.

Closed Riser StairsClosed vs. Open Riser Stairs--Which is Best?

Also known as closed tread stairs or box stairs, closed riser stairs often have a full timber riser between each tread. In other words, the gap between each step is closed by a small, vertical wall, preventing you from seeing underneath or in between the steps. This is the conventional style for stairs, mostly appearing in older and more traditional staircases and commercial applications.

Open Riser Stairs

Unlike closed riser stairs, the gap between each step in an open riser staircase is open rather than enclosed, allowing you to see underneath or in between the steps. This is the reason why open riser stairs are sometimes called floating stairs.

Open riser stairs are quickly becoming the more attractive option for custom staircases. This is because open risers have many functional and stylistic benefits that closed risers lack.

They’re transparent and let in light

Open risers are, of course, open, and their transparency lets in far more natural light than a closed riser staircase can. They also don’t interrupt your line of sight, making an area look larger than it is and meshing well with an open floorplan.

They’re minimalist and modern

Minimalism and sleek, modern designs are popular styles now-a-days, and open riser stairs check both of those boxes with their simple and transparent design.

They’re versatile

Because you can design them to fit almost any configuration—straight, curved, or spiral—open riser stairs are ultimately more versatile than their traditional counterparts. They can also be made out of just about any material, too, such as metal, stone, glass, or wood.

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