Connect Your Home with a Spiral Staircase

Connect Your Home with a Spiral StaircaseWhen it comes to our homes, many of us have outdoor decks in our backyard or patios on the second floor. Some of us however are lucky enough to have both features. Upgrades are made to both but one way to really accentuate them would be to connect them using a spiral staircase.


It would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it would add value your home.


If you were to decide to add one, it is very important to make sure you have all the necessary supplies and knowledge to complete it to perfection.

Steps to a perfect staircase

It may seem obvious, but the first decision is what style your stairs will be built. You could have them with a railing running down the middle or with no railing in the middle at all. Every other decision comes as you build the staircase but having a plan on how you’re going to create it is a great start.


After this, it would be smart to go to a professional and have them create a visual for what you want to design. From there, they could begin to figure out what treads and railings they could use or you could decide on them at that moment as well. A professional will also give you other ideas on how to construct your staircase as well as possibly bring up aspects of the project you might not have previously taken in to consideration.


When deciding to build a staircase, one of the most important things is deciding on your steps. Selecting the right stair tread is crucial, simply because it will be what you will be stepping on and you want to make sure it’s the right choice so you won’t have to make any changes later. Some of the treads you could select for the outside staircase include red-oak tread, white oak, cherry, mahogany walnut, pine, or plywood.


Another obvious is decision when building your staircase is the railings. You could decide on horizontal bars that running parallel to the top railing or one with vertical bars running down the entire staircase.


Another good start would be to get a custom made stair kit. In this, each stair will be tailor made for however you decide to build your steps. This will make sure the measurements of your home as well as the décor you are looking for. The stair then gets shipped all broken down which in the end will make it easier to put together.


With the custom kit, the railings of the staircase will be made with precision. They will have a primer applied to them that will not only reduce rust and allow you to paint them any color that you would like. This is ideal as it will be one less piece of the staircase you won’t have to worry about protecting.


When it comes to the top of the treads, you will want to make sure they are protected as well. Staining or stealing them to protect from weather and other outdoor problems will go a long way in keeping them in good condition and increasing the longevity of them.Connect Your Home with a Spiral Staircase


When putting the steps together, it may seem like you can just put one piece down and that will be the step. You will need a tread to which the step will be built upon, then another plate that will be able to connect the top of the step to the tread. Finally you will need a tread cover, or the material of what you will be stepping on when climbing the stairs.


However, it just doesn’t come down to picking a tread and building the stairs. There is a wide variety of treads to choose from including smooth plate, diamond plate, perforated plate, pan-type treads, stone, exterior decking and many more. This decision can be crucial especially when deciding on what style of spiral staircase you want to build.


In case plans change or you decide on a different staircase, adjustable kits are a great choice. These are capable of running clockwise and counter clockwise and can work to fit any height. These are ideal for people who aren’t sure about a permanent addition to their home but at the same time are looking for something that will enhance it.


Acadia Stairs can help create custom spiral stairs for your home with the supplies you need to get the job done. With years of industry experience, there is not a job too big or too small for our company to handle. For more information, please feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our stair professionals!