Curved Double Stringers

As one of the sturdiest yet fashionable designs available, the curved double stringer staircase from Acadia Stairs offers stylish design with longevity. Our curved double stringers are one of three curved staircase designs we have in our repertoire—featuring two supportive stringers underneath the treads to promote strength and precision. Curved stairs are a blend of straight and spiral stairs, offering both style and convenience. Due to the nature in which this particular staircase is made, the structure is very easy to ship and even easier to install in your space.

Double Stringer Curved Staircase

Staircase Features

Our highly skilled, and professional design team can create a unique curved double stringer staircase for your home or office that fits your space perfectly. Our curved stair designs can accommodate all kinds of contemporary and modern layouts from slight curves and wide radiuses, to 180 degree turns and small inner diameters.

  • Available with nearly any type of tread and handrail style
  • Easy to ship and install
  • Heavy-duty beams that can handle 300 lbs. per tread
  • Can be built to nearly any height
Double Stringer Curved Staircase with One Railing

Materials & Configurations

Your curved double stringer staircase can be built from a wide variety of materials and can work in both interior and exterior applications.

  • 2 ” x 6″ steel rectangular tubes
  • 10″ x 2″ fabricated I beams
  • 12″ x 2″ fabricated I beams
  • 6″ steel channels
  • 4″ steel channels
  • 3″ round steel tubes
  • 4″ round steel tubes

Planning Your Curved Staircase

The goal is to make your vision a reality—and we’re the team that can help! We have the skills and expertise to design and build a curved staircase that complements your space and style, while also adding functionality to your home or office. Our team has been able to work on projects that can be seen all over the country, so whether you’re in the New York-Connecticut area or not, we can still work together to create your custom staircase. So, ready to add the perfect new feature to your space? Give us a call at 845-765-8600 to talk ideas, design and timelines for your next project!