Curved Staircases

Acadia Stairs specializes in a wide variety of modern, custom curved staircases. Using a blend of style and function, our custom staircase designs can fit into any home. Curved staircases feature a helical or spiral design without the center pole that are found in spiral staircases. They have a very tight inner radius, as small as a few inches, with inner handrails for extra support.

When working with our team to design your custom curved staircase, here are a few key features that our curved style has to offer:

  • A wide variety of materials including wood, stainless steel, stone, glass, and more
  • Single stringer, double stringer, or side stringer designs (see below)
  • An inner radius of 24″ to 36″
  • A tread run with a narrow edge of 6″
  • A consistent inner curve for the best traffic pattern
  • A 10-foot or wider outer radius
single stringer stairs

Single Stringer

With one of the most floating designs of any staircase, single stringer curved stairs are the quintessential modern, open-concept staircase. They fit beautifully in both homes and offices alike and will make the perfect addition to your space. 

  • One center beam-like stringer
  • Flexible & functional design
  • Open air look
  • Wide variety of treads & handrails
Double Stringer Curved Staircase

Double Stringer

Coupling style with sturdiness, the double stringer curved stair is excellent for both interior and exterior applications. This type of stair is flexible in design and can be easily molded to fit contemporary and modern layouts.

  • Two parallel beams set in from the edges
  • Modern & contemporary look
  • Floating design
  • Extra support without taking up space
Side Stringer Curved Staircase

Side Stringer

Side stringer curved staircases, also known as pan-style staircases, can be attached to a wall or left freestanding, with the stringer featured prominently across the staircase. If you’re searching for a strong yet elegant feature to add to your space, then look no further than the side stringer curved stair. 

  • Two stringers on outside of treads
  • Increased stair strength
  • Safe & durable design
  • Edge of tread invisible

Awesome!! The stairs are beautifully designed and constructed. The people are professional and the product is delivered and installed on time. If you are looking for a “one of a kind staircase” the place to shop is Acadia Stairs.


Curved Stair Designs

A curved staircase is a great choice for both functionality and fashion. It’s flexible in design, giving us the opportunity to play around and create a wide variety of structures. Our team is innovative and collaborative, offering guidance, expertise, and years of experience with every project we work on. We enjoy working with our clients to design a staircase that complements their space and are always looking for new challenges. Take a look at some of our past work to gather ideas for your next project.