Acadia Stairs makes all kinds of modern and contemporary curved stairs with metal structures.

The main 3 types of straight stair are:

Single Stringer Double Stringer Side Stringer (Pan Style) Gallery

Curved Staircase

Acadia stairs can use a variety of materials to create a modern or contemporary curved stair. We can use an open riser single stringer or double stringer. Stringers can also be on the outside of the treads like a traditional stair.

We define a curved stair as any stair that a helical or spiral geometry, but does not have a center pole. A Curved Stair can have a very tight inner radius, as small as just a few inches. Inner handrails are provided on these stairs because they have no center pole.

  • A typical inner radius is 24″ to 36″.
  • A typical tread run at the narrow edge is 6″.
  • We recommend a consistent inner curve for the best traffic pattern.

Curved Stairs can have a 10 foot or wider outer radius. If the outer radius is up against a wall, a rail on the outer radius may not be required. If the treads are 48″ or wider, an outer handrail is recommended.

The walk line of a curved stair is measured near the center of the tread.

Curved Single Stringer Staircase RenderThe single stringer stair has one of the most modern and open looks of all our staircases.

The support under the stair, can be one of many different profiles: round pipe, square tube, I-Beam & more.


Curved Tri-Frame Staircase RenderThe Tri-Frame stair can be used in a curved configuration. The hand rail depicted in the rendering is for illustrative purposes only.


Curved Steel Staircase RenderingThe curved steel stair rendering above is called an ‘Outer Stringer Stair’ or a ‘Pan-Stair’


Curved Staircase with Metal Grating TreadsThis curved stair has metal grating treads so light and water can go through instead of a traditional pan.

Pan-Type stairs primarily refer to the stringers being on the sides, not just the actual cement-fill pans.


Curved Staircase with Metal Grating Treads During FabricationThis image is a curved stair with grating treads during fabrication.

The riser space limiters are a special detail to accentuate the curved look.

The handrail has a special design made to match existing historical railings at the project site.