Custom Railing Design & Fabrication

Acadia Stairs makes custom railings & handrails for the stairs we build, but we also offer custom railings for your existing stairs or balconies. With your needs in mind, we will fabricate the perfect custom railing to your space.

We fabricate all kinds of custom rails with metal structures. Our specialty is tailor made railings that are built in panels, in up to 20’ long sections.

Elbows, turn-outs, goosenecks and splices are carefully considered to ensure ease of shipment and installation. These railing systems are designed for strength and beauty. Most of our rails are steel, but we also make rails out of aluminum or stainless steel. The rails can have vertical balusters, solid lines, stainless steel cables, decorative spindles or they can receive panels of glass.

Our cable rail systems feature custom swaged threaded rod terminals that are cut to length for each railing panel. We typically provide the cables in their natural stainless steel look (#316 marine grade stainless steel), but we can also provide them with a blackened patina finish or even powder coat the cables a custom color.

We can powder coat railings nearly any color. Exterior rails typically feature stainless steel hardware and if they are steel, we powder coat them with a zinc rich primer that is bonded under your choice of top coat.

Some railing systems need a 42” high guard rail & a 36” high handrail (or grab rail). Other railing systems need only a handrail at 34” – 36” high from the nose of a tread.

Check out some of our recent custom railings below that we have designed, built, and shipped all across the country, and contact us if you would like to receive a quote or have any questions.