Decorate Your Staircase for the Fall Season

Seasonal Staircase DecorThe fall season is here, and as colors change outside, consider decorating the inside of your home to reflect autumn as well. While many people place decorations throughout their home, they don’t often think to decorate their staircase as well.

When you get a customized staircase from Acadia Stairs, you have plenty of reasons to celebrate a new season and decorate for it as well.

Pumpkins and Lanterns on the Stairs

  • One very festive way to decorate your stairs is to utilize smaller pumpkins and fun little lanterns and set them out on the stairs so family and guests can view them as they walk up or enjoy them from afar.
  • Sprinkle some orange, red, or yellow leaves on the stairs around the pumpkins for an extra touch and a pop of color.

Complement the Stairs

Sometimes it is not what is placed on the stairs but what is near the stairs that can perfectly complement the space.

  • Find a festive little wood table and put some gourds, pine cones, leaves and other small plants on it.
  • Place this table next to the wall underneath the stairs and turn this area into a showcase for your fall crafts.

Wrap your Railings

Give your guests something to pine over as they walk up the stairs by adding a string of colorful leaves that lies over the railing.

  • You can either add these decorations on the railing itself or along the vertical balusters that hold up the railing. Either way, you are left with a gorgeous autumn display.
  • You can even add some lights along with the leaves for a lovely glowing effect.

Utilize Other Decorations

The ways that you can decorate your stairs are only limited by your imagination. The great thing is that you can use more than pumpkins and lanterns to decorate this space.

Although your stairs will certainly look good during the fall months, with Acadia Stairs, you can have a staircase that will stun all year long. We offer a wide variety of options so that you can make your stairs so much more than just a way of going from one floor to another. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your home.