Decorating with Mixed Metals

Decorating with Mixed MetalsFor many years, decorating your home was about finding things that matched one another: from metals to couch colors.

However, modern décor encourages mixing different styles of décor together, including different metals.

If you’re getting a customized metal staircase, you don’t need to match the rest of your metals to the one you’ve chosen. In fact, we encourage you not to do so in order to stay on trend.

Choose a Dominant Metal

In order to mix your metals well, you must choose one dominant metal. If you are purchasing a customized metal staircase in stainless steel, this will likely become the dominant metal in your home. You can decorate with pieces that have a different metal finish but you shouldn’t compete with the staircase by installing a larger-than-life chandelier. Stick with smaller metal items such as a lamp or a rose gold vase.

Consider Color Scheme

If you have a lot of stainless steel in your kitchen, which many people do, consider committing to a stainless steel staircase and add other colors into your home to help add some variety. Cooler toned metals such as silver pair well with cool shades such as blues and greens. These colors can help compliment your staircase and your appliances. If you do want to stick with similar metals, consider painting rooms in colors that will help break it up.

Mix It Fabrics

Mixing metals in your home isn’t limited to hardware; you can also add in gold or silver tones through fabric choices. Using rugs, accent pillows, or furniture pieces, you can add in other shades of “metal.” Doing so will help you bring any metal together, and soften their overall look.

Make Metal Statements

In many homes, the staircase is the main architectural feature. If you’re hoping to mix metals within your home, you’ll need one “statement metal” piece to set the stage. Installing a brand-new metal staircase, that is entirely customized, will draw and hold people’s attention and allow you to experiment with other metals around it without crowding the space.

Acadia Stairs offers many different finish options for the staircases that we manufacture. We have a wide variety of powder coated colors, and have particular options available depending on the material you choose for your staircase.