Derail Your Typical Thoughts About Staircases

Acadia Stairs StaircaseYes, that headline was pun-intended. A crucial part of a stunning staircase is a staircase railing. What would a staircase be without them?

Across the world, there are incredibly unique staircase railing designs out there that redefine what a staircase railing can be.

Here’s a few of our favorite staircase railings!

Glass Finish Staircase Railing

 A glass railing is a transparent, airy add-on to any model, that makes the staircase appear as if it’s floating. You’re most likely going to see this staircase railing design in new modernist builds, especially in corporate offices, public institutions, or hospitals. That’s because of the sleek, fresh look it gives off, plus, it’s easy to clean!

Flora & Fauna Railing

 Instead of the classic wood railing, we’re going floral. That’s right—many staircase railing designs coming out now feature native species from wherever the staircase is built, adding an organic aesthetic that makes the staircase almost appear magical. What we like best about this design is that it’s an endless canvass and it can become anything the person wants. Plus, a lot of people are decorating railings with flowers for weddings, proms, and other special occasions.

Gas Pipe Railing

 So we start off with cutting-edge glass finishes, move onto a more natural look with flora & fauna, and then end on a sort of next-gen industrial appeal. Enter gas pipes—this reformatted use of a tool that would otherwise be trashed or left to rust. Instead, the gas railing provides a totally original spin on an age-old device. And that’s exactly what your staircase can be: something that allows you to re-imagine space in your home, or business, in a way particularly unique to your style.

At Acadia Stairs, we strive to make customized staircases that accommodate all your aesthetic needs. Although these staircases reach new heights, we create custom metal stairs from spiral to straight. Contact us today for your next staircase!