Don’t Forget the Bannister When Designing Your Custom Stairs

spiral stairs railingWhen it comes to creating a custom staircase there is much to think about. Do you want a straight, curved or spiral staircase? Will it be a single stringer or a double stringer? Will open or closed risers look best?

When you are designing a staircase so unique, the questions don’t just stop at the treads. You have an ability to customize every piece of metal, including the bannister! A staircase component that is often overlooked, your bannister offers an incredible design opportunity. Sure, its main purpose may be for safety, but it is much more than just a railing to hold as you walk up and down the steps each day.

Your bannister is both a functional and beautiful component of your staircase’s appearance.

For homeowners who consider their stairs a notable interior design piece, the metal railing that you pair with your modern treads can truly speak to your style. Maybe you want to add some ornate detailing to your elegant spiral staircase? Or maybe you are looking for a railing just a chic as your simple yet modern double stringer stairs? With a custom designed bannister, any idea you have can be turned into a reality!

Inspired to update your own staircase into a functional piece of art? Acadia Stairs can help.

Our custom, metal staircases are entirely made in the USA and provide you with the opportunity to reinvent your step style – from the treads to the bannister and more. For more information and to get started on your home or business renovation project, please call us at 855-878-2477.