How Are Staircases Typically Shipped? 

We ship our modern and contemporary staircases by common carrier. It is an insured freight liner. Each stair is banded to a custom-made skid. Railings are wrapped in foam, shrink wrapped and banded to custom-made skids as well.

  • Shipping to most of the Eastern seaboard typically takes 3-5 days.
  • Mid-Western states may see 5-8 days in transit.
  • Pacific states may see a week or more in transit. 

Stairs are also available for pickup at our shop. In this instance, we will provide minimal packaging material. Client must secure the load for travel. 

Can We Ship to Canada? 

Yes, we ship our modern and contemporary stairs to Canada. We can arrange for customs broker or you can arrange for customs broker. 

How Long Does the Typical Staircase Design Project Take? 

The design phase of every project will vary widely. Some clients plan months or years in advance of the building project; most clients take at least a few days or weeks. 

  • Once you decide the stair you would like us to make and place a 50 percent deposit, shop drawings typically go out within 2-3 days. More complicated drawings can take a week. Shop drawings must then be signed and returned. 
  • When shop drawings are signed and returned, our fabrication schedules can be as few as 4 weeks. Most stairs take 6-8 weeks to fabricate; some take 10+ weeks. 
  • After the stair is completed and paid in full, it can be picked up or shipped. Shipping to most of the Eastern seaboard takes about 3-5 days. Mid-Western states may see 5-8 days and Pacific states may see a week or more in transit. 

Clients will take a broad range of times to install and finish stairs. 

  • If there are no special details or trim work, most clients can install a stair within a day or two.
  • Some clients may get the basic structure of the stair put up in a few hours, but it takes several weeks before they are ready to put on the treads, railings and other finishing touches. 

Do We Design Commercial Staircases? 

Yes. For commercial projects we will work alongside of and at the direction of your architect, engineer and interior designer.

We can make general recommendations for style and connection points, but the design, usage and code compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser. 

What Types of Finishes are Available? 

Most of our modern and contemporary staircases come primed black. If you will be going to a lighter finish color, we can also prime gray or red-oxide.

At special request, we may be able to provide:

  • Steel stair mill finish
  • Clear coating
  • Finish paint
  • Blackened steel
  • Patinas such as pewter
  • Gun-bluing
  • Powder coating
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Much more

Stainless steel projects are usually provided with a brushed finish, but we also offer stainless steel in mill finish, and glass bead blast or mirror finish for some projects.

Aluminum stairs can be mill finish, primed or powder coated.

Our wood treads and railings come natural and must be sealed or stained by others.