Getting A Rustic Look With Pan Stairs In Your Log Home

Getting A Rustic Look With Pan Stairs In Your Log HomeLog homes are a stunning masterpiece of truly unique architecture. Built with just as much stability as a traditional home, a log home boasts grand and sophisticated features.

Obviously the log structure is the main focal point of the exterior of a log home. With the inside however, often times it is the staircase adjoining the floors that gets all of the attention.

Log home staircases are of the grandest scale with intricate design, style, and installation. In a log home, staircases are typically placed in the center of the home so that it can be viewed from all sides.

Another feature of log home staircases is that they are usually not made of wood, but rather steel or metal. Having stairs built of a different material provides a show-stopper feature that will be a topic of conversation.

A unique style of staircase that is popular for log homes is the curved pan stairs. This style is so sophisticated and magnificent and it gives a log home a very rustic appeal.

The term pan stairs is derived from a traditional cement-fill pan-type stairs. Our pans can be built to receive stone, wood, or even glass steps.  The curved pan stairs are built with stringers on the sides and riser and tread plates for support.

Curved pan stairs are great because they are easily customized to accommodate for space and traffic pattern. Their unique spiral structure can be attached to a side wall or free standing. The steel or stainless steel stringers mimic a ribbon-like appeal as they flow up the curvature of the staircase.

If you have built or are building are log home, consider having a curved pan stair built for your staircase. Its beauty, simplicity and rustic style will add to the elegance and coziness of your home. Contact us today to learn more.