How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Hallways and Stairs

The color you paint your hallways and stairs may not be as noticeable as the color you paint your living room or kitchen, but It’s still important. After all, the color you choose will tie together all of the other rooms, creating an entire color scheme for your home, upstairs and downstairs. Deciding on a color can feel overwhelming, so follow these tips to narrow down your choices: 

Natural light 

How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Hallways and Stairs

How much natural light your hallways and stairwells receive will be one of the major determinants of what color you should paint them. A dark or narrow hallway, for instance, should be painted a lighter color in order to brighten up the space. With a bright or wide hallway, meanwhile, you have more freedom and can paint it either a dark or light color. 


Your hallways and stairs connect various areas of your home. As such, you’ll need to make sure that the colors you use for these connecting spaces correspond with the colors in your rooms. Neutral colors such as grey, beige, or greige or excellent for this, as they go with practically any color you may have.  

Art or no art? 

If you decide to decorate your hallways and stairwells with art, then you’ll want those to be the center focus, not your paint color. This means keeping the paint color neutral so that it blends into the background. If, however, you don’t want any art or decoration on your walls, feel free to go with a bold, bright color as your main hue. 

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