Maintaining Your Metal Staircase

Both interior and exterior Maintaining Your Metal Staircase  metal staircases are not only modern, sleek, and visually appealing, they are also easy to maintain. Follow these guidelines in order to keep your customized staircase looking its absolute best.


If your metal staircase gets relatively dusty, which can happen from time to time, be mindful of the materials you use to take care of the dust. Some harsher materials can scratch or damage the exterior of the staircase which you, of course, want to avoid. Consider using a disposable dusting cloth or a microfiber cloth in order to safely dust your staircase. If you have pets that tend to leave hair behind on the stairs, take care of it with a dusting cloth as well.  A jet-vac with a long cord can also pick up loose hair or lint that might be lingering on your staircase. Make your staircase a part of your regular dusting routine to avoid it from getting out of hand.


A mild cleaning solution should be your go-to for regular cleaning of your metal staircase. You can dilute the cleaning solution in warm water and use the solution to get rid of smudges, fingerprints, footprints and other unwanted marks. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution and rub away harder-to-remove spots. Purchase an all-purpose cleaner or use a mild dishwashing liquid over harsher alternatives, such as furniture polish, to protect the integrity of the finish.

Exterior Staircases

Exterior metal staircases typically don’t require much maintenance because they are designed to withstand harsher elements. To tackle unwanted dirt, use a pressure washer or the same mild solution described above. To keep your staircases in mint condition all year round, your routine maintenance to-do list should include seasonal power washes on a regular basis.

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