Make a Lasting Impression with your Entryway

If your home is like most houses and contains a staircase within the view of the front door, you want the first snapshot visitors get to be a good one. A custom staircase can create a lasting impression that will leave your guests enamoreMake a Lasting Impression with your Entryway | Acadia Stairsd with your home’s beauty and style long after they drive away. If your entryway is lack luster, redesigning your stairwell is a great place to start to begin your foyer transformation.


Upgrading your current front entrance should reflect your home’s style and create a welcoming atmosphere for not only your guests but you! Who doesn’t want to feel excited about entering their residence after a long work day or a well-deserved vacation? Beginning the stair redesign process is also quite fun. You can create an entirely new feature in your home from the ground up, literally! Spiral, curved or straight – the staircase is your oyster.

Many people think of their staircase simply in terms of functionality rather than taking true advantage of its design possibilities. We adorn windows with curtains and walls with paintings – your steps are no different. Consider an elaborate runner for your new staircase to really create an awe-inspiring first impression. Finally, don’t underestimate the impact of color and texture when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your grand entranceway.

Your vision is a design away. To learn more about creating a new staircase and improving the look and feel of your home, visit our website.

(Posted by Todd Norman of Acadia Stairs)