Need Natural Light? Consider Your Staircase

Need Natural Light? Consider Your StaircaseWe could all spend countless hours designing and decorating our home. With seasons changing, many people are starting to apply fresh coats of paint, put of seasonal décor, and much more.

If you’re in the midst of redecorating your home, consider adding in a customized staircase that will allow natural light in.

Allowing natural light into your home to shine might actually benefit you and your family. Natural light has been proven to boost your body’s vitamin D and improve your mood. In fact, Houzz has even talked about how it can improve your energy levels and make you more productive.

There are different ways that you can increase the natural light in your home without adding windows or making dramatic structural changes. If you have big pieces of furniture that often block your windows, trade them in for smaller pieces that will allow more natural light in. Put smaller pieces in front of the windows and move larger pieces against walls as an easy solution.

Your staircase can also be changed and customized to allow more light into your home. If your staircase takes up a large portion of your home, you might be able to let more natural light flow through with a different design. Consider replacing your current staircase with a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases take up less floor space, (always a benefit) and they are often thin and slender, which means there’s less material around it to block natural light.

Curved staircases can also help natural light flow into your home. Curved staircases are typically more open than standard staircases, and won’t block light with hard angles. Staircases with open treads often let in more light as well. If treads are connected, light will not shine through. However, if treads are open, light is going to fill any of those cracks.

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