Outdoor spiral staircases, as well as other types of exterior metal works, can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to your backyard space. However, many outdoor metal works designed by Acadia Stairs must go through harsh weather conditions, sometimes year-round. This can take a toll on your staircase over time, resulting in chipped or faded paint, corrosion, and/or rust. These problems can be avoided, though, by using powder coating.

Powder coating vs. Traditional paint

What’s the difference between powder coating and traditional paint? Put simply, powder coating is made up of a dry powder that is sprayed onto a metal surface using an electrostatic gun, while traditional paint is a liquid that is sprayed onto a surface. Powder coating is typically thicker and has a more consistent finish than with traditional, liquid paint.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is not only thicker and more consistent than regular paint, but it also has many other benefits as well. Including the following:


The reason that we at Acadia Stairs use powder coating for our exterior staircases is because of its durability. Powder coating is thick and practically impenetrable, meaning that it’s less likely to get chipped or scratched, or suffer from corrosion or rust.

Simple maintenance

Once your new, outdoor staircase has been installed, there’s very little left that you’ll have to do. Since powder coating is so durable, the most you’ll have to do is give it a cleaning every now and then. That makes maintenance simpler and cheaper than traditional paints.


Do you want your staircases to be painted a particular color? No problem. We at Acadia Stairs have stock colors such as flat black, white, and silver, but we also can use nearly any single process color from Prismatic Powders. We can also apply powder coating to many types of metal works including stairs, rails, gates, patio furniture, car parts, bed frames, and anything else that can fit into our batch oven (7ft wide x 8ft tall x 20ft long).

Are you looking to have your exterior spiral staircase or other type of metal work powder coated? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Acadia Stairs, we can powder coat all projects that fit into our batch oven. Just give us a call at 845-765-8600 or contact us online to learn more.