When coating metal surfaces, there are two methods you can use: powder coating and spray painting. While spray painting is the traditional choice, powder coating has become increasingly popular in recent years. So, which one is best? Here we discuss the pros and cons of each to help you better decide which method is best for you.  

Powder Coating 

Powder Coating vs. Spray Painting: Which Is Best?


  • Durability – Powder coating is twice as thick as normal paint, meaning it will protect against rust, dirt, and other types of damage that spray painting can’t. 
  • Efficiency – Powder coating does more with less, so you will experience less waste as you would with spray painting. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – Its efficiency and ease of use results in a material that is also extremely cost-effective. 
  • Eco-friendliness – For those of us who are environmentally conscious, powder coating can be the best choice as it has no VOCs and little waste. 

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  • Thick finish – While powder coating is extremely durable, it is also thick, so it may not work for materials that require a thinner finish. 
  • Best for larger applications – Due to the number of steps involved, it is often best to use this method for larger items as it may seem too bothersome for a single, smaller item. 

Spray Painting 


  • Thin finish – If you don’t want the thickness of powder coating, then spray painting can be thinly applied to a surface. 
  • Self-drying – While powder coating requires an oven, spray painting does not and will dry on its own. 


  • Less durable – The fact that paint can be thinly applied has its drawbacks. Namely, it is less durable and more susceptible to the outdoor elements. 
  • Uneven finish – Another downside to achieving a thin finish is that it likely won’t have an even finish the first time around, forcing you to re-paint your item. 
  • Inefficient – Because of its thinness and the risk of an uneven finish, you have an application that can result in a lot of waste. 
  • Not eco-friendlyPaint has VOCs, harmful chemical compounds that can impact our environment and our health.  

While spray painting can be helpful in certain applications, for metal surfaces, powder coating is the way to go. At Acadia Stairs, we can powder coat any type of metal design. Contact us today to learn more.