Reasons to Install Curved Staircases

Curved StaircasesIf you’re looking to install a customized staircase within your home, consider incorporating a curved staircase into your home.

Acadia Stairs offers customized, curved staircases that can help contribute to your home’s overall appearance in a positive way.

Curved staircases are undoubtedly elegant and graceful, and they definitely make an impression. Whether you’re hoping to impress friends and family or simply customize your home, curved staircases are guaranteed to give your home a sense of classic style and beauty.

Enhance Style

Visually, curved staircases are timeless. You don’t have to have a classically designed home in order to put in a curved staircase. Curved staircases can appear traditional or modern, it just depends on what type of finish you choose.

Create Grand Entrance

If the entrance of your home’s focal point is the staircase, installing a customized curved staircase is a great way to make a first impression you’re proud of.  Curved staircases often appear grand, and they can help to add a touch of drama to a space. They also often take up less space, which can help the entrance itself feel larger.

Provide More Comfort

Aside from the stylistic reasons to choose a curved staircase, curved staircases can actually be more comfortable to climb. It is believed that curved staircases are often easier to go up and down. Curved staircases provide you with a bit more “breathing room” where straight staircases are often steep. If you have children or an elderly loved one living in your home, you can easily build in landings into curved staircases to make the treads a bit more wide.

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