Custom Ship Ladders

At Acadia Stairs, we offer custom staircase designs for any type of home. We have spiral stairs for grand, traditional homes, and straight stairs for the modern, contemporary home. But for the small spaces of a home, like your lofts and attics, we have our ship ladders. Combining functionality with an open, airy look, our ship ladder stairs will fit in perfectly, no matter the size or shape of the room.

Once you choose your materials, we begin the fabrication process, building to your exact specifications. After the ship ladder is complete, we remove the stainless steel parts making it easier to ship throughout the country. We provide you with the whole kit, but also offer the option to buy just the stainless steel hardware, brackets and rails if you wish to craft your own ship ladder stairs.

ship ladder

Ship Ladder Features

Our custom ship ladder designs typically have a riser height between 9″ to 11″ and a tread run between 3.5″ to 5.5″. You can choose from any type of railing, or opt for hand-grip cutouts in the stringers themselves to provide extra stability when on the ship ladder.

Since ship ladders are very sharp angled stairs, we recommend having a handrail on both sides for ease of use, or safety railings that come up to the full height of a normal balcony rail.

  • Wide range of finishes
  • Tall, narrow steps
  • Easy shipping and assembly
two directional sliding bracket

Two-Directional Sliding Bracket

A ship ladder staircase may be necessary to access an upper level in your home or office, but you may not want to disrupt the functionality of the lower level to do so.

Save even more space by adding a two-directional sliding bracket to your ship ladder. This will allow you to slide your ship ladder back to the wall and then to the side to get it completely out of the way.

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible design
  • Safe and secure
alternating tread staircase

Alternating Tread Staircase

Unlike the typical ship ladder design, the alternating tread stair has a reduced riser height, longer run, and of course, alternating steps. This type of stair saves space and allows you to travel down the staircase facing forward, whereas the angle and treads of ship ladder stairs limit you to descending the stairs backwards using it more like a ladder (hence the name!).

Since the treads alternate, this stair is not considered to be as safe as a standard ship ladder or spiral stair. You must go down the staircase according to its pattern. We only make these stairs in our shop upon special request, so please give us a call if you would like to discuss your options.

  • Alternating step design
  • Space saver
  • Only made upon special request

The custom-made wood and metal ship’s ladder for my loft arrived with amazing quality – strong, perfectly rendered and lovely. During the ordering process, the ability to speak to the designer was invaluable. And Michelle provided outstanding communications and support throughout the process.


Ship Ladder Designs

This part stair, part ladder design is the perfect way to maximize space in your home. Offering you a stable staircase to get you from one floor to the next while taking up very little real estate is what makes this design so popular. Not to mention that we make it really easy to customize your ship ladder to your exact style and needs. Take a look through some of our past work to get a feel for what you could create for your own space!