Simple Staircase Exercises

During the wintertime, it can be tough to get in your exercise routine. You can’t run outside, and a gym membership always seems to expensive. But what if we told you that you had a great exercise tool already in your home? 

Indeed, staircases can be an easy and free way to get your steps in throughout the day. Here are a few ways to get started:Friends walking up the stairs

Walk up and down

While it may seem like a no-brainer, simply walking up and down the stairs is a great exercise for your legs. By climbing them at a moderate pace for a decent amount of time you can give your legs and lower back a small workout. It’s very easy but can also be very beneficial to you.

You can also try running up and down your stairs, but be careful! The faster you go the more likely you might slip.

Step ups

Step ups are another good exercise. You take one step up on to the stair then bring the other foot up. Then take the foot used on the first step and put it back down on the ground followed by the other foot. Repeat as many times as you want.

And if you want to take your step ups to the next level, try some high knees. Place one foot on to the step, then pull your other leg up bringing your knee a little past your waist, then put that leg back down and bring your starting foot back off the step. Then do the same with your other leg.

Calf raises

Another simple workout would be calf raises. Place the insteps of both feet on the edge of the step and have the heel of your feet hanging over it. Then when you have your balance, bring your heels up past the step making your legs totally straight then go back to the starting position. About 20 reps and about 4 or 5 sets of this and your calves will be burning.


When it comes to leg workouts however, there aren’t many better than lunges. Simply bring your one leg up to the second step then lean forward making sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes. If it does you risk injuring yourself which is not what you want to do when working out.

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