exterior-spiralModern and contemporary exterior spiral stairs are a great way to add an architectural detail to the back yard, deck or patio.

We make industrial exterior stairs in steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel. We make high-end stainless steel spiral stairs to stand up to the most harsh environments.

The stair shown here features a mesh-style rail for an interesting way to have an open look and added safety. You can choose from a wide variety of treads; smooth plate, diamond plate, perforated plate, pan-type treads, stone, exterior decking and more!

These stairs can be made in one piece, or as a custom made kit, depending upon your logistical needs and freight costs.


exterior1This is an all aluminum spiral staircase powder coated white, as shown during installation. The main tread-to-tread balusters and handrail are in place. One baluster per step is all that is required to hold the handrail up and provide strength at the outer perimeter of the treads.


exterior2Here the all aluminum spiral stair is completed with the middle balusters. The middle balusters complete the look of the stair and reduce the spacing to less than 4″ as is required for most codes.


exterior3A close-up picture of the aluminum spiral stair. The tops of the balusters have a special tab that is pre-drilled and coped for the round aluminum handrail. The main balusters are pre-drilled for the tread-to-tread connection. The spiral handrail is a pre-formed 1.5″ diameter rigid aluminum tube. Diamond plate treads provide an anti-skid surface even when it is wet outside. Stainless steel hardware is painted in our shop to match the finished stair color.


exterior4The top platform of this particular stair is a steel frame designed to receive decking material that matches the upper deck. This frame is fabricated with braces & a tapered carrier for added rigidity. Some clients will choose a diamond plate platform cover to match the treads.


exterior5The top of the spiral stair has a special railing called a closure rail that is welded to a sleeve that slides over the center pole. The center pole is hidden inside of the precision cut tread sleeves, platform sleeves and closure rail sleeve. This provides a clean look and water and weather resistance.


exterior6A railing with horizontal lines on the deck or landing of the stair can be matched with a curved sloping line railing on the outdoor stair. We make the spiral rail in a heavy-duty kit system that makes the stair easy to install and very durable over time. These stairs are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.