Straight Stair Examples

Straight stairs are the most common type of stair. Used for thousands of years, there are still many different ways to construct a straight staircase. 

There are essentially three different types of straight stairs, which can be customized and improved upon in order to suit your home.

  • Single Stringer: One of the most modern and contemporary looking straight staircases today, single stringer stairs use a single support beam through the center. These provide a more open and geometric appearance, as they do not block the view of other rooms.
  • Double Stringers: These work in a similar way as single stringers, except they use two supports at each side of the stair instead of one. Nevertheless, they still maintain an open and minimalist look.
  • Side Stringers: Also known as pan-type stairs, side stringers place their supports on opposite ends of the stairs. This way, there is nothing obscuring the view from behind. These stairs can go straight up to another platform, make a 90-degree turn, or double back on themselves.

To get a sense of the type of straight staircase we can design, look through our gallery below or visit our straight staircase page.