straight-sidepanThe term ‘Pan-Stair’ is used when a staircase has treads that are like a pan or dish that will receive cement fill. We also use this term to describe stairs that have the stringers at the outer perimeter of the treads.

The stringers trap the treads in on the sides which allows the treads to be set in between.

Pan stairs typically have treads that are flanged up in the front and back to receive a cement fill. Some clients choose to use tile or stone to fill the pan. If the front edge is flanged down, the stair can receive wood treads. We can also use diamond plate steel for the stair tread plate.

Some pan stairs are open riser stairs, some are closed riser stairs. If the stair has open risers we can provide riser space limiters to help reduce the space to less than 4″. Less than 4″ spacing is often required by codes. We can put the riser space limiter under the tread above to allow snow to be easily brushed off the back side. We can also flange the back edge of the tread up as a cost efficient way to reduce the riser space.

Pan stairs can be made to serve as an architectural element of your home or office, but they can also be simple stairs for a garage, deck or industrial application.