Custom Single Stringer Stairs

Single stringer stairs have the most open look of any type of stair. With heavy-duty center beams, single stringers are capable of handling 300lbs. per tread and can go up to nearly any height. Single stringers are one of three types of straight staircases designed by Acadia Stairs. They have one stringer (a structural feature that supports the treads and risers) that runs down the center of the staircase.

Single Stringer Straight Staircase with Glass Railing


Straight single stringer stairs are flexible in design, making it easy to create a finished product that matches your original vision. They can boast a variety of features, including:

  • Triangular frame
  • Extremely rigid
  • Open look
  • Laser-cut treads that can support up to 300lbs.
  • Designed with any type of tread, riser, or finish to match your décor
Wooden Single Stringer Straight Staircase with Metal Railing


No matter what space you’re working with, our team can create a design that is both functional and complementary to the other features in your home or office. This type of staircase can be made in almost any configuration:

  • Straight-line
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped (aka switchback stair or scissor stair)
  • Geometric winder treads
  • Combined with curved or spiral stairs
Wooden Single Stringer Straight Staircase with Metal Railing


We work with you to design and build single stringer straight stairs tailored to your needs and vision. Choose from a variety of materials:

  • 4″ x 6″ steel rectangular tube
  • 6″ x 8″ steel rectangular tube
  • 6″ x 6″ steel square tube
  • 6″ x 6″ steel square tube on diamond
  • 4″ round steel tube
  • 6″ round steel tube
  • Tri-Frame stair configured from (3) pipes
  • and more

Todd answered our questions patiently and was generous with his time. He even provided SEVERAL drawings as we thought through what we wanted and made changes – sometimes multiple a day. He never complained that he was too busy and when we didn’t understand something, he amended drawings with arrows, labels, and extra descriptions. We had no idea there was so much to consider when purchasing stairs! The stringers arrived sooner than promised and look beautiful. Once they had arrived, Todd advised on how best to install them as we were doing the work ourselves. We are very happy with Acadia’s services and would recommend them to friends without hesitation.


Our Work

At Acadia Stairs, we have worked on a wide variety of custom single stringer staircases, designing and building to the exact specifications of your space. Feel free to check out our gallery page to view some of our finished work and gain a better understanding of our style, approach and versatility. Our team of designers will work with you to create a staircase that works for you, but below are just a few examples of single stringer stair designs we can create:

I-Beam Single Stringer Stair Diagram

I-Beam Single Stringer Stair

The I-Beam Single Stringer staircase is a simple and semi-industrial design. It combines the steel I-Beam with simple steel plate riser wedges and tread plates with wood steps. The width of the stair can be up to 42″ in this design without additional steel support under the tread.

This modern stair can have a high-tech look with glass treads and stainless-steel rails, or a more industrial appearance with diamond plate steps and wrought iron railing.

4" x 4" Steel Tube Structure Diagram

4″ x 4″ Steel Tube Structure

The single stringer staircase can have a high-tech style when combined with stainless steel hardware and stainless steel railings. It can also take on an industrial look with diamond plate treads and a wrought iron banister. 

In this 4” x 4” steel tube structure we used 3/8″ tread plates that are supported by 3/8″ plate riser wedges, which are then welded to the center support.

Single Stringer Staircase with Oak Treads

Single Stringer with Oak Treads

Our single stringer with oak treads features 4″ x 6″ steel tube center stringer support with 4″x6″ steel tube riser wedges welded flush to it. 3/8″ plates are then welded to the riser wedges to support the treads. The stair tread plates are pre-drilled with countersunk holes for the cleanest appearance on the underside.

If you’re interested in our single stringer straight stairs, then call Acadia Stair’s design consultants today to get started!