Straight Stringer Stairs

Steel or stainless-steel stringers combine with open riser treads to create our straight stairs, known for their keen strength and durability.

Blending tradition with innovation, these stairs bring a modern and contemporary style to the home. With our cutting-edge techniques and skilled team of designers, we are able to build a custom staircase tailored to your exact specifications, ready to ship anywhere in the country.  

These stairs can be made in almost any configuration:

  • Straight-line
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped (aka switchback stair or scissor stair)
  • Geometric winder treads
  • Combined with curved or spiral stairs

Acadia Stairs makes all kinds of modern and contemporary straight stairs with metal structures. The three main types of straight stringer stairs are the single stringer, double stringer and side stringer stairs.

Single Stringer Straight Staircase

Single Stringer

Also known as mono or center stringer stairs, our most popular straight stair is the single stringer staircase. It’s composed of a triangular frame with one stringer going down the center. The single stringer is extremely rigid, yet modern with an elegant look.

  • One center beam-like stringer
  • Flexible & functional design
  • Open air look
  • Wide variety of treads & handrails
Double Stringer Straight Staircase

Double Stringer

With stringers going down under the tread, set in from the edges, double stringers are both durable and affordable. They feature a modern railing system that blends well with cable rails or welded railing systems.

  • Two parallel beams set in from the edges
  • Modern & contemporary look
  • Floating design
  • Extra support without taking up space
Side Stringer Straight Staircase

Side Stringer

The side stringer staircase, also known as the pan style staircase, features stringer channels along the outer perimeter of the treads. Like most of our staircases, they boast open risers with treads that are flanged down in the front and up in the back for reduced riser spacing. What’s great about this type of straight stair is that it can be built with nearly any type of handrail.

  • Two stringers on outside of treads
  • Increased stair strength
  • Safe & durable design
  • Edge of tread invisible

“Superb customer service. Immediate or very quick response to our many calls and questions for our home owner project. Attention given to any issues with solutions that they took on to remedy. Our new modern stairs are the best feature of our contemporary house.”

Ed & Darcy

Innovative Staircase Designs

With every project we work on, our focus is not only on getting you from point A to point B; it’s also working toward creating unity within your space. Our team of designers works with you to take your exact specifications and style to create a shop drawing which is then followed precisely throughout the fabrication process.

By deftly blending tradition and innovation, Acadia Stairs specializes in designing modern and contemporary straight staircases for the home.

Need help getting started? We’d be happy to help guide you in the right direction and lend our expertise to your next project. Explore some of our recent straight stair projects below and be sure to check out our full gallery for more inspiration!