The Best Staircases for Your Library

Every bookworm wants a library of their own, and when that day comes, it’s like a dream come true. You not only have a great place to read in peace, but you’re also able to display all of your beloved books with pride. However, before that day arrives, you have to plan out and design your library first, and one of the most important things to keep in mind is what kind of staircase will suit you and your library’s needs.

Ship LadderThe Best Staircase for Your Library

Ship ladders are a classic in every library. If your library is one story, then you can use it to access books on the higher shelves. A movable ship ladder will be best for this, allowing you to move it along your shelves whichever way you choose. However, if your library has a loft, then consider installing a stationary ship ladder to access the upper floor.

Spiral Staircase

Many antique libraries have a grand, spiral staircase leading up to the second story or loft of the library. It’s a classic look, and a great one for your dream library. Consider installing it in the corner, so it doesn’t take up too much space. And, while the antique designs look great, don’t be afraid to modernize your library with a more contemporary-looking staircase.

Library Staircase

If neither a ship ladder nor spiral staircase suits your needs, you can always turn your staircase into a library in of itself. Indeed, library staircases have become a popular trend in recent years, being both resourceful and stylish. You don’t even need a designated library to incorporate this design into your home.

Once you’ve decided on the right staircase for your library, give Acadia Stairs a call. Our custom staircase designs will be perfect for your brand, new library!