The Most Common Problems for Staircases

Staircases can take wear and tear just like any other architectural structure in your house or property. However, some problems appear more often than others. Here, we discuss some of the most common staircase problems you should keep on eye on with your own staircase:

Damaged treads and ballusters

Some staircase treads are in usable shape, but aren’t properly attached. As such, you’ll need to reattach them without ruining the integrity of the staircase. Going under the stairs and putting in fresh bolts into the treads is a common way to fix this issue. If the treads are beyond repair, you can look at installing other tread options.

The balusters are another issue. In order to fix or repair them properly, you likely will have to find professional help. This is because most homeowners don’t have the tooling or know-how necessary to properly repair balusters.

Poor lighting

In order to safely travel your stairs, you need proper lighting. You can install overhead lighting, such as a lamp or chandelier, while also using LED bulbs to further brighten your space. Additionally, you can get more creative with lighting. For example, LED ribbon lights can help put more light on the treads and steps. Put them along the base of the railings or baseboard, attaching them with clamps that can be screwed down in the base or find glue that will adhere to the wood or metal.

Tread slippage

Finally, there is the tread slippage. Unfortunately, too many of us slip on the treads and fall down our stairs, causing serious injuries. Thankfully, there are ways to fix this. You can place anti-slip traction treads on your steps to prevent people from falling. Additionally, installing your treads with anti-skid materials will further prevent slippage. 

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