The Staircase Walk of Fame: Most Extreme Staircases Around the World

Staircases are often seen as means of access, the construction to get from one floor to the next. However, lovers of spectacular architecture and nature view these steps as more than a structure to climb. We have compiled a list of some of the most extreme, beautiful and noteworthy staircases around the globe. We give you, the Staircase Walk of Fame:

Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum – One of the most frequently photographed set of stairs in the world, the spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum is flawless. The staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932 and is actually two separate staircases in one that twist together to form a double helix.

Most Extreme Staircases Around the World: Wayna Picchu | Acadia Stairs

Bridge-Stair at the Traversinertobel – This bridge in Switzerland is a structure designed by Jurg Conzett and Rolf Bachofner. The staircase is the solution to the problem of connecting two different elevations over the gorge of the Via Mala. Once a rope bridge for hikers, this replacement after a rock slide is suspended and spans a distance of 56 meters and has a difference in height of 22 meters between each end of the bridge-stair. Amazing!

Wayna Picchu – One of the most celebrated staircases in the world, Wayna Picchu is often seen in postcards from Peru. This towering mountain along the Inca Trail has stairs that wrap around its entirety. This picturesque set of stairs is a must-climb if you visit Peru.

Stairway to the Sky – This phenomenal staircase is found in the rainforest tropics of Mexico. A structure in Edward James’ sculpture garden, this stairway doesn’t lead anywhere in particular. However, from the top you will be able to look around at the vast surroundings of natural waterfalls, pools and sculptures.

Lello Bookshop, Portugal – This amazing and unique staircase is found in one of the most popular bookstores in the world. It’s pink, alluring and creates a beautiful optical illusion.  The swirling structure brings crowds from all around the globe. It contains a swirling structure where the pieces appear to “pour” into the middle and the sight is breathtaking.

Whether built for practicality or merely sight-seeing, staircases have become ingenious forms of expression. Update your home and express your style with a notable staircase from Acadia Stairs. Maybe yours will make Staircase Walk of Fame!

(Source: Oddee and Viator Travel)

(Posted by Todd Norman of Acadia Stairs)