Things to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Spiral Staircase

An outdoor spiral staircase can transform the way you use both your home and your backyard space. It can make certain areas of your home more accessible, and it can also provide more space for entertaining. While the advantages of an outdoor spiral staircase are endless, there are decisions that need to be made before you start building. Here are some of the things you should be considering before building your outdoor spiral staircase.

LocationThings to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Spiral Staircase

First thing’s first—before you even begin to think about the type of outdoor staircase, you first need to think about where you’re going to put it. They’re an excellent option if you have limited space, as a spiral staircase takes up significantly less room than straight or curved staircases. This means there are many places where you could use an outdoor spiral staircase.

Decks, patios, or balconies

Outdoor spiral staircases are typically used for decks, patios, and/or balconies. If you have a balcony on your upper level, you can install a staircase for ease of access. You can also use a staircase to connect multi-level decks or patios so that you or your guests don’t have to head inside just to get to the upper patio.


Just because it’s not the most conventional use for an outdoor spiral staircase doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Installing a wooden spiral staircase alongside your children’s treehouse will be a unique and safe way for them the climb up and down into their secret (or not-so-secret) hideout.Spiral stairs are often better than ladders because even small diameter spiral stairs allow travel down face forward.

Living area

Do you have a living area that’s somewhat separate from the rest of your home? This could be a single room or an entire apartment. Either way, adding an outdoor spiral staircase will make it easier to reach this part of the building, while keeping it separated from the rest of your home.


The second main thing you need to think about when looking at outdoor spiral staircases is the material. The kind of material you use will depend on what you plan to use your staircase for. Here are the main materials available for outdoor spiral staircases:

Steel or stainless-steel

A metal staircase provides a sleek and modernist design. They’re also durable and rust-resistant, two things that are extremely important when dealing with something that will be facing the elements every day. They can also be fitted with anti-skid spray to prevent people from slipping on a smooth, metal surface.


If you’re planning on building that treehouse, or if your patios are made of wood, then a wooden staircase is a good choice. Wooden treads can come in a variety of hardwoods (mahogany, teak, or ipe are all excellent) as well as colors and thicknesses. Just be sure not to choose one that’s too soft or else you may have to treat it more frequently. Many exterior stair projects are now also using composite decking material as the tread surface on the metal structure of the stair.

Stone or tile

Finally, there are the stone or tile options. Whether it’s pre-case concrete or ceramic tile, these are great options if durability is of concern. These materials will hold up well to all weather conditions and foot traffic, so you’ll hardly ever have to worry about them.

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