Unique Qualities of Floating Staircases

When we walk into a home, the first focal point that usually meets our eyes is the staircase. It’s a structure with grand appeal and function, and when customized, it is threaded seamlessly into the architectural style of a home; so seamlessly, in fact, that sometimes it may appear as if it’s floating.

Floating staircases are a trendy and modern way to update your home’s design. Here are a few of the benefits of adding one to your home.

Unique Qualities of Floating Staircases

Above: Our Chinese Elm Floating Staircase design.

Levitating Look

Floating staircases, which are of European design, are also referred to as self-supporting staircases, because that is exactly what they do. Their light appearance appeals to many home owners, and when used in an open floor plan, they allow the light to stream into a home, creating a more natural and relaxing environment. The sturdy but lighter design of this style of staircase allows for extra storage room, as well.

Extra Support

Double stringer floating staircases offer additional support by using two support members. The two stringers are located underneath the steps and away from the edges of the stair, which creates the attractive, levitating look that works with almost every style of home. Some staircases are built with only a single support beam linking just a top and bottom tread to floors. Some stairs are suspended in the air, with a design that utilizes one side of the wall. Both designs are architecturally sound.


Floating staircases are made in a variety of materials, with treads that include wood, aluminum, and stainless steel.  Our floating stair treads are made of wood and constructed on top of metal plates or bent metal, which creates a sleek European look. The style of a floating staircase can be tweaked depending on the homeowner’s personal preference.

From twin stringers to saw-tooth steel stringers, Acadia Stairs can make a floating staircase design blend effortlessly into any home. Contact us for our expert opinion, or call 845-765-8600 today!