Update Your Stairs as the New Year Begins

painted staircaseA new year is a blank canvas; a wonderful opportunity to make changes and improvements to your home.

While most people don’t think of their stairs when it comes time to decorate, the staircase are a fundamental piece of your home that can make an incredible impact on your interior design style.

Whether you are interested in creating a cozy, cabin-like feel or are updating your home to a more modern style, there are plenty of ways that your interior staircase can be included in your decorating.

Themed Railing

One simple and elegant way to tie your staircase into the overall design theme of your home is to choose a railing that accentuates your style.

  • For rustic homes, a natural wood railing will pair beautifully.
  • A rope railing would match the theme of a nautically inspired home.

While the railing may seem like a simple detail, it is the little accents that tie a home’s décor together, and this simple change will be a refreshing new touch to your everyday life.

Carpeted in Color

Looking to add a pop of color to your house? We love the idea of adding a colorful carpet (or a few) to your staircase.

  • BuzzFeed has a couple great examples in this article.
  • Another option for individuals who prefer the look of wooden stairs is paint.
  • For a touch of whimsy, consider painting just the risers, or choosing a pattern to adorn them with.

Unique Design

If you are looking for a bigger change than the ideas listed above, why not install a custom designed staircase? Acadia Stairs can create almost anything you desire, whether you would like the stairs to be straight, curved or spiral.

To get started on your project, visit us online or give us a call at 845-765-8600 today!