Weathering the Storm: Advantages of Materials for Outdoor Staircases

Choosing an exterior metal staircase can create a visually appealing and practical staircase that requires little upkeep and maintenance.Weathering the Storm: Advantages of Materials for Outdoor Staircases

When you’re installing a staircase outside, the most important thing to think about is safety, followed closely by design aesthetic. However, required maintenance should also play a part in your decision. Although wood staircases can also be attractive, oftentimes the wood needs to be heavily treated to prevent it from weather damage and requires a lot of maintenance from frequent staining to refinishing.

For outdoor staircases, your best bet is to choose a metal material for the majority of the staircase and add the tread material of your choice. We offer a variety of treads from wood to stone along with durable, metal railings.

Metal railings are a great choice when it comes to durability, strength, and less frequent maintenance. You can choose from a variety of metals including steel, which can be customized with a variety of durable finished colors. Steel also can provide a sleek, modern, and industrial look. Stainless steel will uphold against water, rain, snow, and frequent traffic.

We have also created wrought iron balconies, which will hold up long-term regardless of what they are up against. They can also provide your home with a “vintage” look; wrought iron is a timeless material that has been a major metal inside and outside of homes for centuries.

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