5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

As much as you may love your home, you likely wish that you had a little bit more space. An extension is possible, but expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are ways to make your home feel bigger without completely breaking the bank.

Use lighter paint colors

5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Darker colors are striking, but since they don’t reflect light, they can also make your room feel smaller. To open up your space, paint your walls with bright, neutral colors such as white, beige, light gray, cream, or even a pale yellow. And don’t forget the ceiling! Ceilings should be painted light colors with a glossy finish to further reflect light throughout your home.

And use mirrors

Mirrors can also help to reflect light in your home. A large mirror placed opposite to a window can immediately make a room feel larger than it is. Just make sure that the mirror is not reflecting a cluttered part of the room, as this will defeat the purpose.

Clean up your space

Speaking of clutter, you should remove as much as you can to make your home feel larger. To do this, install storage options such as over-the-door storage or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to make sense of the mess. You can also use multifunctional furniture (such as a storage ottoman) to provide both seating and storage.

Redo your flooring

Whether you use hardwood, stone, or laminate, the type of flooring you use is just as important as the type of paint you have on your walls. First, install a darker flooring alongside your lighter wall and trim. The contrast between the two is an easy way to expand your space. Second, lie your flooring out diagonally instead of vertically or horizontally. Finally, have the same flooring throughout the rest of the house to create a seamless look from one room to the next.

Consider a spiral staircase

An old, bulky staircase can take up a lot of space that could be used for adjacent areas of your home. A spiral staircase, meanwhile, is much smaller and more compact than other, more traditional styles. They’re also quite versatile, allowing you to place it into an open floorplan or to tuck it away into a corner to maximize space. Many spiral staircases are also open risers, which also help to make your home look bigger than it is.

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