Ready-to-Go spiral stairs are kits that are simple to install and quick to get from our factory.

‘Do-It-Yourself’ assembly is no problem with these spiral stair kits! The stock components allow for field adjustment, and you can mix-and-match custom made details to create the right package for your budget.

ready-to-go1We have adjustable spiral stair kits that are available right away. The Ready-to-Go spiral stairs are available in 4′-0″ diameter and 5′-0″ diameters. These kit spiral stairs can be configured to go down clockwise or counter clockwise.

We can provide the stair to work with almost any height, from just a few steps to multiple flights.


ready-to-go2This picture shows the adjustable spiral stair with carpeted treads. The carpet was attached to plywood treads. The plywood and carpet steps were then installed with lag bolts from the underside of the steel step. The Ready-to-Go stair is available with smooth plate treads for any kind of tread cover. We can provide plywood or oak.

We can provide a simple PVC handrail, or we can pre-form a steel handrail to your specifications.


ready-lower1This spiral stair is perfect for a basement or garage application. Diamond plate steps are anti-skid and give the stair a simple industrial look.


ready-lower2This is the close-up view of the diamond plate treads. The black primer can receive your paint. If you choose one of our custom models, lots of finish colors are available.


ready-lower3Ready-to-Go spiral stair kits are available with smooth plate treads or oak tread covers.

The wood is finish sanded-ready for your stain or polyurethane. You can choose a steel spiral stair with red-oxide primer or flat black primer. Pre-formed steel rails are an option that will add 2-3 weeks fabrication time.