Spiral Staircase Kits

When it comes to custom spiral stairs, we have it all. They can be modified to your exact space, style, and specifications. Everything is within your control, even how you install it! Our Ready-to-Go spiral stair kits are available right away, making it quick to receive from our factory.

In need of some inspiration for your staircase? Check out our gallery of past work to see a few different ways our customers designed their unique spiral stair kits!

Spiral Staircase Kit Parts

Mix-and-Match Design

Our Ready-to-Go staircase kits contain stock components that you can mix-and-match to create the right package for your style and budget. Not only that, but it also allows for field adjustments, ensuring that your custom staircase fits your exact dimensions and specifications.

Our stairs can work with almost any height, from just a few steps to multiple flights, and you can choose between a steel spiral stair with red-oxide primer or flat black primer. They can be configured to go down clockwise or counterclockwise, and they are available in 4′-0″ diameter and 5′-0″ diameters.

  • Customizable materials
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise configuration
  • Can be built to nearly any height
Ready-to-Go Spiral Staircase Assembled

Easy Assembly

With high-quality parts and our shop’s pre-assembly process, you will have your perfect spiral staircase in no time. We ensure that every part of your kit is built to fit your space before it ships.

Arriving in a “knocked-down” form, self-assembly is simple. But if you happen to run into any issues upon installation or have questions, we have an entire team of experts standing by ready to help advise you over the phone. 

  • Ships in knocked-down form
  • Components adjust to your space
  • Expert support staff available
Metal and Wood Spiral Staircase Treads

Handrails & Treads

With Acadia Stairs, you can have your pick of materials. We can provide a simple PVC handrail, or we can pre-form a steel handrail to your specifications. (Note that if you opt for pre-formed steel rails, it will add 2-3 weeks to fabrication time!)

Our spiral staircase kits are customizable, offering wood treads, smooth plate treads, anti-skid tread plate steps, carpet or any kind of tread cover where we would provide the plywood or oak. All wood treads are already sanded and ready for your stain or polyurethane.

Feel free to explore all of the tread options available to you or give us a call to speak with an expert about your next project!