A Staircase with Romantic Design and Significance

A Staircase with Romantic Design and SignificanceDestination weddings can be very unique and for those involved, special, because they can take place almost anywhere. Perhaps the destination is where the bride and groom met, most romantic city to the bride (Paris or Rome), where they want to vacation or honeymoon at (Caribbean or Virgin Islands) or in a place where they feel the connection. You might ask “what does this have to do with stairs?” well that’s what leads us to this fascinating, amorous and sensational architecture built in Japan.

In a country that is known for its distinct and diverse culture, rich history, storied honor and lasting architecture – Japan now has something even more symbolic, romantic and ceremonious to be known for. Twin staircases, but not just any set of twin staircases.

There is a resort that looks out upon the Sea of Japan called the Bella Vista Sakaigahama located in the city of Onomichi, Hiroshima. There in the garden of the resort stands a chapel. But this isn’t just like a resort chapel. It is really a chapel made of two sets of stairs, so literally the chapel is designed to be made of staircases. Completed in 2013, the Ribbon Chapel is anything but simple elegance and uses love as a metaphor.

The amazing architects at Hiroshi Nakamura & Nap Co., created this architectural marvel that has the twin staircases not only as the intertwining symbolic attraction but also taking the place of ceilings, walls and floors to the structure.

Amazing Staircase Architecture

As the Japanese wedding culture is different than the average American’s ceremony, the meaning behind the Ribbon Chapel’s dual stairs is for the couple to walk separate paths (one on each stairway), all the while enduring the twists and turns of life, before meeting each other at the top to “ask heaven’s permission to join as one, and declare their marriage,” then come down together as husband and wife.

At the top of the Ribbon Chapel, which is almost 51 feet high elevated above the tree line, the panoramic view is just as beauteous – overlooking various mountains, vistas around the ocean, distant islands and the serene sky. Located inside the intertwining staircases is the chapel itself, which is quaint and charming, seating around 80 people where you can see an ancient tree that is meant to symbolize the idea of unity. This is all assisted by the copious amounts of natural sunlight that come in through the stairs and glass windows to highlight the wedding ceremony.

For the staircases themselves, they are made up of timber panels, painted and clad with titanium zinc alloy, in order to withstand the constant abuse and damage from the sea breeze. Check out the pics here!

Curved Staircases for Your Home

A Staircase with Romantic Design and SignificanceNothing can define your home like a staircase. The perfect stairs can create elegance, structure, vision, amazement and even luxury when combined with the right ambiance.

Acadia Stairs can use a variety of materials to create the perfect curved staircase. There are three main types of curved stairs we create: Single Stringer, Double Stringer and the Side Stringer.

Curved single stringer stairs have the most floating design of any stair with a visible support system. These metal staircases are available with nearly any type of tread and handrail style. The Single Stringer is the support structure under the treads, so it is often created out of very heavy and large profile structural steel. This staircase creates a very strong and precisely fabricated system. Since the staircase is fabricated this way it is not as easy to ship. Although the stair is very heavy, it is fairly easy to install as long as you or your contractor have the ability to lift it into place.

With the double stringer metal staircases, they are available with nearly any type of tread and handrail style. The 2 metal stringers are the support structure under the treads. This creates a very strong and precisely fabricated system. Since the staircase is fabricated this way it is also easier to ship and install than other stairs.

Curved pan stairs or stairs that have stringers on the sides of the stair, and riser plates in addition to tread plates. The term “pan-stair” comes from traditional cement-fill pan-type stairs, but these pans can be made to receive wood, stone or even glass steps.

Side stringer stairs can be customized and created for your space and traffic pattern. Our professionals can make them attach to a side wall or make them free standing. Curved stairs like this have the stringer or skirt as the prominent feature. The stringer provides the strength of the stair at the side of the stair. These stainless steel or steel stringers give a ribbon-like appearance as they flow up the twisting curvature of the staircase.

This type of stair typically has the custom handrail installed outboard or in-line of the stringer. It is possible to have the balusters attach to the treads, but it is more common to attach to the stringer.

For more information or for a consult, contact the staircase experts at Acadia Stairs today!