Advantages of a Metal Staircase

metal staircaseModern in style and customizable in design, metal staircases have become a popular option for homes and businesses alike. With a wide variety of tread and handrail options available, a metal staircase can be worked into almost any design style and will retain its fresh, attractive look for years to come.


Regardless of if you are interested in a straight, curved or spiral staircase, metal allows you to consider endless design options. Ornate railings and modern designs are simple to create, making it more than possible for your staircase to be the centerpiece of your home.

Sturdy in design, metal stairs can be custom built to fit into almost any space, making extra room for furniture and entertaining in the home.

Easy to Install

Thanks to its flexibility, metal staircases are much easier to install than their completely wooden counterparts. With reduced construction costs, you will experience savings when building a metal staircase while adding value to your home or business in the long run.


While hardwood and carpet will show signs of wear rather quickly in highly trafficked areas, metal will maintain its attractive sheen for years to come. Especially beneficial outdoors, metal staircases can withstand high amounts of pressure, helping to assure your steps will not warp even after the coldest of winters.

Low Maintenance

Never worry about sealing, painting or vacuuming your staircase again. With a metal staircase inside your home or business, regular maintenance is a thing of the past. Maintenance is also simpler outdoors than even before. Just sweep or shovel off your stairs and feel confident that guests will be able to navigate them with ease.

If you are interested in improving the aesthetic and functionality of your home with a metal staircase, Acadia Stairs has the experience and tools needed to create a completely customized metal staircase for your space. For inspiration, view our photo galleries online, then contact us by phone at 845-765-8600 to begin designing your dream stairway.