Behind-the-Scenes to Making a Modern Staircase

Behind-the-Scenes to Making a Modern StaircaseThere are so many great choices available for staircase design in your home that it’s like being a kid in a candy store; you aren’t sure which one you want. When building a new house in particular, you need to know all the staircase options that you can have in used in your home or property. Staircase design is one of the most trying aspects of architecture.

There are multiple reasons why this process can be difficult, especially residential design, because there are strict building code regulations over stair design. Staircases can be the architectural highlight of a home design. On top of all that, an innovative design involves many hands on board.

Depending on where the staircase will be located, the construction of a modern staircase will take the collaboration of steel workers, cabinet makers, carpenters, framers, electricians and other professionals who are working on the house in their own way as well.

Everyone has to work together and communicate their jobs to one another to make the project successful. That’s why the process can be quite difficult and complicated for something that seems so easy to put together.

To share with you some of the behind-the-scenes to making a modern staircase (spiral, straight, curved), here are some tips of the trade that can go a long way into making any type staircase what it is today.

  • Variations – Staircases come in all styles and sizes. Spiral staircases can save room and are a great addition to any home décor. Straight modern stairs are your average staircases, but can add a bit of flair to every design. Lastly a curved staircase adds flexibility and a little change from the norm.
  • Development – Deciding on what materials will be used to design the staircase can be overwhelming because of the plethora of options, but at the same time that’s half of the fun of it. Wood treads to steel handrails, choose your staircase options with what fits the room that the staircase is going into. If you are placing oak finished cabinets around the stairs, perhaps a wood finish and tread might be more suitable as to not contrast with the staircases surroundings.
  • Functional Integration – This is the tricky part. If you have a staircase that is the focal point of a first floor, then you need everyone on the same page with the designs. Staircases fitting flush alongside the wall or cubby shelving inside the enclosures beneath the staircase, everything must align to flow with the plan.
  • Building to Code – Everything about the design of a staircase must be to code. Every aspect of the material is there for a reason; guardrails can be used to a specific height of the tread and handrails for the entire length. You might want to even invest in tread safety, depending on what the stairs are being used for.
  • Architecture – Enjoy the beauty of the design. If you make the staircase the focal point of the home or property, try new things. It doesn’t have to look like a work from Michelangelo, but starting with a new slate can make the staircase not only functional but a work of art.Behind-the-Scenes to Making a Modern Staircase

Don’t let the stairs become your only option either. There are other miscellaneous metal fabrications that can be included to make your stairs, home or property unique. With a new building the sky is the limit to what you could potentially include in your building.

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