Benefits of Ship Ladders

From a far the design of a traditional ship ladder seems simple enough, but take a closer look into the real craftiness that goes into tailoring one to your home, and you’ll find that ship ladders are the most convenient styles of ladders you could possible own.

Below are just a few things to keep in mind before ordering your ship ladder from Acadia Stairs.

Ship Ladders are Convenient

Benefits of Ship Ladders

Ship ladders provide access in places that are normally hard to reach, such as in tight attic spaces or small balconies. This style of ladder contains a flexible and very straight-forward design that can be worked in the exterior or interior of your home. They are sturdy, supportive, and safe, and are used in places one wouldn’t typically consider them handy, such as in garages and even basements. Not only are they convenient, but ship ladders take up little space as they contain a steep pitch, making it easier to design around them, especially when folded close to a wall, as in the example to the right.

Ship Ladders Come with Flexible Design Options

In addition to looking sharp and neat, ship ladders can be built with wider treads and custom handrails that make their functioning even smoother. At Acadia Stairs, we can tailor your ship ladder assembly package so that it can fit your specific room. We make ladders that level off for spaces with low ceilings, and we also include hand grips in wooden styles for those requesting additional support, such as in a children’s upstairs playroom. For greater strength, we can design your ship ladder to include steel railings, as well as alternating tread stairs with wider runs. Alternating tread stairs are ideal for children, as well as seniors, because they are able to quickly and safely go down the stairs without turning their backs to do so, which would increase the risk of falling.

At Acadia Stairs, we thrive on the engineering of unique staircases. Let us design a staircase that is inclusive to your space by contacting us today!