Best Treads for Outdoor Staircases

Best Treads for Outdoor Staircases  Installing an outdoor staircase is more about function than anything else, but you have to make sure it looks good, too. Once you’ve finalized the shape that you’re looking for, you might be wondering: what would be the best materials to use for this outdoor staircase?

Here are some tips on picking out the right treads for your outdoor stairs: it’s all about design and durability.


First thing’s first: if you’re going with an outdoor spiral staircase, for example, and you want the look to be modern and sleek, you’ll probably want to use steel or stainless steel materials. At Acadia Stairs, we offer a number of different plate options when you choose either of these materials for your staircase. From smooth and diamond to perforated plates and more, we’ll work with you to explore the best options for your particular needs.

For staircases that are more traditional, you might be interested in installing wooden treads, which we offer in red and white oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, or plywood for areas like the deck or the shed. Choosing the right wood for your outdoor staircase is mostly about wear and tear: you don’t want to choose something too soft that will need to be treated frequently. 


Another thing to keep in mind when you’re installing an outdoor staircase is durability. If you know that your stairs will experience high foot traffic, you may want to consider a heartier tread, like granite or ceramic tile, or speak to the professionals at Acadia Stairs for better insight.

When comparing interior and exterior staircases, you never want to overlook the fact that all exterior staircases will be exposed to the elements. So on top of foot traffic, the weather conditions in your area should certainly influence your decision when it comes to the type of tread you select.

We also recommend whatever you might use for your decking as the material for your outdoor staircase tread material. For example, trex decking makes a great tread material. 

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