Best Uses for Ship Ladders

Best Uses for Ship Ladders    Whether you’re looking for extra storage or making design changes to your home, ship ladders can be incorporated into your home in various ways.

Ship ladders are a very versatile stair option, and can fit into just about any design and room in your home.

Loft Storage

If you have high ceilings in your home and you’re finding yourself in need of some extra storage space, consider adding a loft space with a ship ladder for easy access. A loft is a great space to store extra items in such as suitcases and seasonal clothing. It can also make a great sitting area for older children that desire their own space. Ship ladders also work in garage spaces and can be an easy way to access storage there as well.

Loft Bed

In your bedroom, if you put your bed space within a loft using a ship ladder, it gives you more space below for a larger closet or a bathroom expansion. All you need to do is to install a ship ladder to access the bed. If you’re worried about safety, you can get a ship ladder that has a thicker tread for more stable access.

Loft Library

If you are someone that really enjoys reading and have a lot of books that you want to store and showcase, a ship ladder leading to a library space could be the perfect touch to your space. You can create a ship ladder one that looks like an old-fashioned library ladder or install a stationary one in order to access books and show off a unique space to guests.

Loft Décor

Ship ladders can also just make a great design element in home, especially if you’re looking to add in a nautical theme. You can use a vertical ship ladder to play up a “ship theme” in your beach or lake house.

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