How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Staircase

Modern stairs with electric garland, white furry bedspread and lamp

Have you ever thought about the role lighting plays in your staircase’s aesthetics and safety? Too often, staircases get overlooked when it comes to lighting, leading to a missed opportunity for a stunning design feature or worse, potential safety hazards. Here’s our guide on how to choose the right lighting for your staircase. Assess Your… Read more »

How Custom Staircases Can Revitalize Your Space

Many people don’t think of staircases when they go to upgrade things around the house. But honestly, a staircase is a huge part of a home and is the main focal point that gets a lot of attention. From ensuring that it lasts well, to making it fit whatever aesthetic you want, a custom staircase… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Staircases

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Staircases

Single stringer, double stringer, curved, straight…who knew that building a custom staircase could get so complicated? While designing your custom staircase isn’t quite like designing a new kitchen or bedroom, there are still many decisions to be made. What type of staircase do you like? Which kind can fit into your space? What kind of… Read more »