Choosing The Double Stringer Staircase For Your Company’s Basement Stairs

Choosing The Double Stringer Staircase For Your Company's Basement StairsFor companies that operate on more than one floor, there will be a heightened need for relying heavily on strong stairs connecting the various floors. For company basements, where many of the work performance takes place, there needs to be a strong foundation in a staircase as well as a staircase that is aesthetically pleasing.

On the daily average, there are hundreds of footsteps upon the basement stairs, which puts pressure on the staircase. When you add the lifting of heavy products periodically, you could risk damage if your staircase when it is not built of the sturdiest material either.

You don’t have to forgo style with functionality and safety. Since company basement stairs need to be practical, we are introducing the straight double-stringer staircase. With the best double support put into place, the double stringer staircase appears to be floating, which can be a very appealing approach to a great looking staircase.

Other features of the double stringer staircase include:Choosing The Double Stringer Staircase For Your Company's Basement Stairs

  • Two stringers underneath the steps and in from the edges of the stair, which gives the floating appearance.
  • This type of staircase is much less expensive than single stringer staircases.
  • The use of lighter building material can be provided, which makes shipping and installation easier.
  • The double stringer staircase can be installed with stairs that are wider than 48 inches.
  • The sleek and modern look is the prime feature of the double stringer staircase.
  • You can choose just about any tread or handrail style, making it a versatile staircase.
  • Double stringer staircases are very common in commercial use. This stair style is ideal for companies with various floors.
  • You can install a double stringer staircase inside and out.
  • You can choose aluminum or stainless steel for the building material.

At Acadia Stairs, we know whichever your style preference is, whether modern or contemporary, the double stringer staircase can be built to suit. As a fully functioning and completely durable staircase, choose the double stringer for your company’s basement steps is a wise choice. To learn more about this staircase option, feel free to contact us.